About Marijan Koturic

Sales representative

Helping my clients buy or sell a home is my passion. In my long career in sales and customer service, I have always served my customers and clients with integrity and above expectations - the only way I know! 

Years ago, when I got involved in real estate, I quickly realized there was a need for a real estate team that would provide to real estate buyers, sellers and investors more than just a For Sale sign and endless showings. I felt that there should be a set of core values, every realtor, and especially realtors on my team, would abide by, when dealing with clients. 

Unselfish, client oriented approach, which would give clients a reassurance that their needs are the focal point of the entire buying and selling process, was needed to set my team and I apart from everyone else. 

As a result, we have been providing this type of client service ever since, and in the process have proven that we can thrive and excel as leaders in this industry, by looking after our clients first! 

If you have chosen to work with me and my team, you have signed up for nothing less than a full VIP service.  We truly are a ‘Full Service’ Real Estate solution - We work hard and smart and do not stop until we have met YOUR goal. We do not stop until you are satisfied!

My team consists of a small, but highly successful and experienced group of professional, network of 60 dedicated lenders that are flexible and sensible to the fact that not everyone has a perfect credit and will fight for your business, superb legal team to protect your interest in, buy or sell, of real estate situation, and a technology and and administrative team to make it all come together. 

My team and I are out there, and behind the curtain, working for you tirelessly. My greatest reward is your positive review, just like all of my clients have done so far.